Tuesday, August 28, 2007


when i went to san francisco this summer i kept seeing signs for this store. i had never heard of MNG by MANGO...finally after much shopping i ran across this store in westfield centre on market street. the store was crowded and it seemed like a tornado had gone through it. they were having an amazing sale & people were eating it up. there seemed to be a wide assortment of merchandise for woman. after leaving san francisco i saw something either or television or in print about penelope cruz and her sister monica doing a limited edition line for MNG by MANGO. last night as i was flipping through the latest issue of people style watch i saw a top from this store. here's a little information i found about the latest store popping up over the United States. MNG by MANGO is a prestigious, multinational company dedicated to the design, manufacture, & marketing of clothing and accessories from women. MNG by MANGO hails from Barcelona. they have stores in los angeles, san francisco, chicago, & miami. new stores are opening in boston, dallas, d.c., seattle, vegas, and puerto rico. if you don't live close to any of these locations you can shop online http://www.mangoshop.com/home1.jsp?idioma=IN. if you've been to and shopped at zara or h&m...MNG by MANGO is very similar! here are a few pieces from MNG BY MANGO red coat $149 black coat $149, white top $59, black dress $89, brown wrap dress $89

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