Monday, July 23, 2007

IS 30 THE NEW 20?

everyone (american society) is so caught up on this whole" i want to be young forever thing" .THAT IS SO NOT ME! i turned 30 yesterday and i feel great. i am excited about entering a new phase of my life. i don't have any regrets about what i did while i was in my 20s BUT i don't want to go back to that time. i have accomplished quite a bit & wouldn't risk losing any of it to be young again. when i was 20 years old i had no idea who/what i wanted to be, where my life was headed, or what i was going to do with my life... i did stupid things like skipping classes in college, being boy crazy, wasting money, just being irresponsible & at 30 i couldn't imagine living my life that way. i hope that in my 30's i will continue to evolve & help others evolve. be excited about getting become wiser with age...let's not live in the past...make new memories...and maybe one day people will accept their age and 30 will be the new 30. however, i will keep you posted & let you know if birdie butter regresses( i seriously doubt it)!

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m said...

30 is sooo fabulous right now.... im only 25 so im only half fabulous... i have soo many friends who've turned 30 this year... they're awesome as hell! so keep being fabulous