Friday, July 6, 2007


i was in san francisco the earlier part of this week...on a little mini vacation. i had such a blast. san francisco is one of a kind...there is so much to do and see! i took so many pictures...shopped at so many stores and ate at so many places...when i got home thursday evening i was exhausted...but it was great. i was able to go to union square which was like paradise to me so many stores and the top of line stores...i mean flagship stores...they had everything & it seemed like every store was having a i had to make some purchases. the next day i went to the port of san francisco, chinatown, and the haight-ashbury many places so little time. on the 4th i headed over to the civic center to visit the asian arts museum and i had a SUPER AMAZING time...great food at the cafe asia inside the museum. here a few pics from my trip to see more check out enjoy...i know i certainly did!!!

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