Wednesday, September 26, 2007


i've had the opportunity to live in many places...& one of those fabulous places was the beautiful country of panama. it's been a while since i've been there (1993) but it's on my to do list. so much has changed since i lived there. i was there when the canal still belonged to the americans...panamanians have since taken it back. even though i was there in the early 90s panama was a very wonderful place. during the time i was there i had the chance to experience many things such as taking a tour of the canal zone/'s something you have to see for yourself, going through the rain forest...absolutely breathtaking, swimming @ the many beaches...oh you wouldn't believe me if i told you that you can see clear to the bottom of the top things off you get to experience both the caribbean sea and pacific ocean depending on what side of panama you're on...beautiful clear blue water. the city of panama both old and new are truly unique. the mountainous region (boquete) is spectacular...the flower festival was can get a bit chilly so bring a jacket! take a trip to the san blas islands to see how the cunas live...they are the creators of molas, an intricate design of animals, birds, village scenes or symbols(see pic w/the little girls)...i can't forget about my carnaval (feb) experience oh i had a blast...lots of dancing, music, throwing confetti, &'s was so exciting. i know that over the years panama has only gotten better so if you get the chance you should experience panama & all it has to offer. even though spanish is the official language most panamanians speak english. there are lots of places to shop, eat, & lay your head. panama is becoming the #1 location for american get more bang for your give panama a try!

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